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4. Yale University

What Yale Looks For!

1.Who would make the most of the extraordinary resources assembled here, those with a zest to stretch the limits of their talents, and those with an outstanding public motivation – in other words, applicants with a concern for something larger than themselves. 


2.Decade after decade, Yalies have set out to make our world better. We are looking for students we can help to become the leaders of their generation in whatever they wish to pursue.


3.Academic Ability:academic strength is our first consideration in evaluating any candidate. The single most important document in your application is your high school transcript. We look for students who have consistently taken a broad range of challenging courses in high school and have done well.


4.Teacher evaluations: Not only do they discuss your performance in their particular class or classes, but often they write about such things as your intellectual curiosity, energy, relationships with classmates, and impact on the classroom environment. Obviously it is important to ask for recommendations from teachers who know you well.


5.Counselor recommendation:  provide us with a picture of your place in your high school class and in the larger school community. Your counselor can help us assess the degree of difficulty of your program, tell us what a particular leadership position means at your school, provide information on your background, and, in general, provide the sort of textured comments about you that would help your application come to life.

Counselor 推荐信,展示在课堂和更大的学校组织中所表现出的品质,如就读项目的课程难度、在学校的领导力职位、申请人的背景等信息。

6. test score ranges (25th to 75th percentiles) for enrolled first-years were:

SAT-Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 720-770

SAT-Math: 740-790

ACT Composite: 33-35

( it is safe to say that performance in school is more important than testing,  it is unlikely that high standardized test scores will persuade the admissions committee to disregard an undistinguished secondary-school record.)

SAT/ACT 成绩,需要注意,耶鲁明确指出更看重在校成绩。

7.Essays: The Yale application tries to get at the personal side of the applicant through the use of several short essays whose scope is broad enough to accommodate most writers. 

We encourage you to take the writing of the essays seriously and to write openly and honestly about activities, interests, or experiences that have been meaningful to you. What is most important is that you write in your own voice. If an essay doesn’t sound like the person who writes it, it cannot serve very well as a personal statement. As with every document in the application, we read essays very carefully and try to get a full sense of the human being behind them.


8.Describing the process of selecting future Yale students, President Kingman Brewster once wrote , “I am inclined to believe that the person who gives every ounce to do something superbly has an advantage over the person whose capacities may be great but who seems to have no desire to stretch them to their limit.” Within the context of each applicant’s life and circumstances, we look for that desire and ability to stretch one’s limits.




5.University of Pennsylvania

What Penn looks for?

Comprehensive Review 综合全面评估

When our Admissions Selection Committee reads applications (and we read all of them), we look for students who are inspired to emulate our founder Benjamin Franklin by being in service to society — to our community, the city of Philadelphia, and the wider world.


“What you seem to be, be really.” - Benjamin Franklin


We look for students who aspire to develop and refine their talents and abilities within Penn’s liberal arts-based, practical, and interdisciplinary learning environment. Our ideal candidates are inspired to emulate our founder Benjamin Franklin by applying their knowledge in “service to society” to our community, the city of Philadelphia, and the wider world. To best understand prospective students’ paths through Penn, we approach applications holistically and with great care.


Holistic evaluation enables the Admissions Selection Committee to have robust conversations about applicants’ record of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity, range of interests and hobbies, leadership skills, and potential impact on our campus. We strive to understand each applicant as a potential Penn classmate, leader, roommate, and citizen. We look beyond GPAs and test scores to capture the intangible qualities each candidate will bring to our  campus community.


High School Preparation高中的准备













Extracurricular Activities课外活动

Academics are an important part of your application, but we also want to know what you’re like outside the classroom. The Activities section of your application offers our Admissions Committee a glimpse into what excites you, what you’re passionate about, what responsibilities you have at home, and some of the ways you’re contributing to your community.


A few tips as you complete the Activities section:


Be yourself. We’re not looking for a specific, pre-determined list of activities. We simply want to know how you spend your time. And remember, a well-rounded student can achieve just as much as a well-lopsided student. Your contribution is uniquely yours.


You can list a variety of experiences. Be sure to include school-related experiences, part-time work, family responsibilities, summer activities, community experiences, and more.


Tell us the amount of time you spend in your extracurricular experiences. The amount of time you dedicate to each activity will give us insight into the depth of your involvement and a sense of the impact you’ve made.


Include specific responsibilities for each activity. We want to learn more about the ways you've contributed, so include details about your role whenever possible.


Let the real you shine through. The more information you provide, the better we will understand who you are, what’s important to you, and the positive impact you’ve had on those around you.





6.Cornell University

What Cornell looks for?

Your Intellectual Potential 个人潜能

Have you challenged yourself with the highest-level courses? How have you demonstrated your passion for learning?


Your Character 个人品质

Honesty. Open-mindedness. Initiative. Empathy. Your values are important to Cornell. Do your application essays and recommendations reflect your strongest personal attributes?


Your Involvement 课外活动

Extracurricular activities. Community involvement. Workplace experience. Leadership. What special talents or interests have you developed?


Your Reasons for Choosing US 选择康奈尔的理由

Whether you’ve decided on a major or not, how do you plan on taking advantage of the exceptional learning environment at Cornell? Why is it the right place for you?






用Oscar老师曾经说的的话说,其实罗素早已给了我们答案“longing for love, search for knowledge and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”

最大的法宝其实就是你!Be yourself! Let the real you shine through!


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